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Port Community System

Smart information platform for terminal logistics.

Terminal Community System has grown up from (C)One EDI Portal software. This is platform for exchange of information between companies related to the carriage of cargo by various transport modes:

  • freight forwarders,
  • terminals,
  • shipping lines (agents),
  • road transport,
  • air- and railway carriers.

Terminal Community System is not a closed project, but it develops extremely rapidly. At the same time, the number of participants and their roles are growing.

Based on regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of the European Parliament was implemented set of standards for electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single Market.


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About Cone Center company

Cone Center is a team of professionals with experience of implementing own IT solutions in transport & logistics area and integrating with other data systems. Company's employees have over 25 years experience on the international market and the company offers IT solutions for wide range of participants of multimodal cargo transportation chain, such as shipping lines and their agents, forwarders, cargo carriers. There have been IT systems developed and implemented for container, RO-RO, liquid, bulk and complex terminals, depot, and automotive logistics hubs.

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